1. Robby Andrews: 5 Myths About New Jersey

    2011 NCAA Champion Robby Andrews, of Manalapan, NJ, will compete at 800 meters at the adidas Grand Prix on May 25. We asked him to straighten us out about his home state.

    1.  Dirty Jersey. The only “dirty” things about New Jersey are the myths made up about the beautiful Garden State
    2.  Jersey Shore. Everyone from the state of New Jersey is from the MTV show Jersey Shore. False. Only 99 percent.
    3. You can’t make a left turn in New Jersey. You can. You just have to know what a “jug handle” is.
    4.  New Jersey is one state. False.There are two states: North Jersey and South Jersey, otherwise known as Yankee/Mets fans v. Phillies fans.
    5. We’re spoiled because we don’t pump our own gas. OK, you’ve got us there.


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